Suggested HWB Experiences & Outcomes

  • I can follow and understand rules and procedures, developing my ability to achieve personal goals. I recognise and can adopt different roles in a range of practical activities. HWB 1-23a
  • I can recognise progress and achievement by discussing my thoughts and feelings and giving and accepting feedback. HWB 1-24a

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To recognise the importance of their role in a range of activities and how this can contribute to overall performance.
  • To understand and appreciate the need to follow rules and procedures.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards setting personal goals to improve performance.

Suggested Success Criteria (I can...)

  • Identify and discuss how to be a good winner and cope appropriately with losing. HWB 1-23a
  • Identify and discuss the role of leader and the associated responsibilities. HWB 1-23a
  • Celebrate and use achievements as part of improving my performance. HWB 1-24a
  • Respond and contribute to self and peer assessment with respect. HWB 1-24a

Suggested Learning Experiences

Large Space

  • Facilitate opportunities for children to work in teams and groups by adopting different playing and non-playing roles on a rotational basis eg player, coach, referee, timer, recorder.
  • Self / peer assessment – observing and recording own and others’ performance in a range of different activities. Explain how targets are being achieved and, by using two stars and a wish, outline how performance can be improved.

Small Space

  • Discuss which role they preferred, found most challenging, required most skill etc.
  • Create own goals/targets to work towards to improve their performance in a specific role / roles.
  • Explain how they will go about achieving these goals/targets and how they will know when they have been successful in achieving them.
  • Discuss the importance and need for specific rules and roles within a game / activity.
  • Describe the qualities needed to be successful in the role and demonstrate them in performance eg. communication skills, empathy towards others, building trusting relationships, accept and receiving positive, constructive feedback.
  • Work with a partner to create simple rules for a game that they have created themselves.