Suggested HWB Experiences & Outcomes

  • I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health. HWB 1-15a
  • I am aware of the role physical activity plays in keeping me healthy and know that I also need to sleep and rest, to look after my body. HWB 1-27a
  • I know that there are medicines and some other substances that can be used in a safe way to improve health and I am becoming aware of how choices I make can affect my health and wellbeing. HWB 1-38a

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To understand how physical activity is necessary for positive health and wellbeing.

Suggested Success Criteria (I can...)

  • Describe some ways in which exercise and physical activity can keep me healthy. HWB 1-15a
  • Describe what happens to my body during exercise and relate this to the importance of rest and sleep. HWB 1-27a
  • I can describe the effects of medicines on my body and my breathing.  HWB 1-38a

Suggested Learning Experiences

The Healthy Schools approach has been designed to run alongside a core PE programme. This enables more effective support for pupils’ understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle and helps to develop skills associated with habitual physical activity.

Large Space

  • Participate in different types of exercise within core P.E Programme eg, running, jumping, stretching,
  • throwing/catching, co-ordination. Reinforce this through a various games.
  • Engage in a range of playground activities – children could be responsible for organising activities, managing a timetable of playground games.
  • Cool down activities – children could discuss the importance of cooling down following more rigorous activity.
  • Peer-led sessions – children take on role of teacher and lead stretching and cooling down sessions.

Small Space

  • Sort pictures in to active / non-active activities.
  • Mindmap all the positive things to do with physical activity.
  • Observe and discuss changes to the body during and after physical activity
  • Record what happens to their body during and after exercise – investigate heart rate by recording their pulse before, during and after exercise – investigate why these changes happen.
  • Investigate the importance of rest and sleep in keeping healthy .
  • Create a list of positive effects of rest and sleep eg, feeling more alert, time to eat, energy to play.
  • Recall times when they find it hard to sleep – when they are excited about a birthday/Christmas and times when it is easy to sleep eg, tired, busy day.
  • Mindmap some strategies for getting to sleep, such as reading a book, having a warm drink etc.
  • Discuss and compare things they do to relax at home with that of their peers.
  • Pledge your support and help create a tobacco-free Scotland