Suggested HWB Experiences & Outcomes

  • I make full use and value the opportunities I am given to improve and manage my learning and in turn, I can help to encourage learning and confidence in others. HWB 1-11a
  • I understand that my body needs energy to function and that this comes from the food I eat. I am exploring how physical activity contributes to my health and wellbeing. HWB 1-28a

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To understand how and why physical activity is necessary for positive health and wellbeing.
  • To take responsibility for developing their own levels of physical activity.

Suggested Success Criteria (I can...)

  • Describe how exercise and activity affects my body. HWB 1-28a
  • Explain factors that can affect my performance eg, energy input (food) and output (exercise), time of day, etc.   HWB 1-28a
  • Demonstrate how to record, monitor and set achievable goals to improve my physical activity. HWB 1-11a

Suggested Learning Experiences

Large Space

  • Engage in a range of activities that use lots of and less energy eg, fast/slow running, skipping, walking.
  • Engage in range of partner relay activities both indoors and outdoors.
  • Take turns at being coach and athlete – record and monitor progress in a variety of activities eg, skipping for 30 seconds, shuttle runs, step-ups, bouncing a ball.

Small Space

  • Consider the frequency, intensity and duration of different levels and types of activity.
  • Consider how their body feels following different levels of activity eg, heart beats faster, breathe more heavily, body sweats etc following more rigorous activity.
  • Compare how they feel when taking part in the same activity at different times of the day. Record results on a feelings/achievement chart/profile.
  • Consider factors that might affect their performance with particular emphasis on food ie meal times, portion sizes, energy, type of food etc.
  • Develop and adapt a variety of games with a partner that uses minimal equipment.
  • Discuss with a partner ways in which activities can be made more/less challenging.
  • Learners should be encouraged to set own goals and evaluate success, setting new targets for their own future development.