Suggested HWB Experiences & Outcomes

  • I know that there are medicines and some other substances that can be used in a safe way to improve health and I am becoming aware of how choices I make can affect my health and wellbeing. HWB 1-38a
  • I am aware of my growing body and I am learning the correct names for its different parts and how they work. HWB 1-47b
  • I am learning what I can do to look after my body and who can help me. HWB 1-48a

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To understand how to look after their body now and in the future.
  • To raise awareness of how tobacco can affect their body.

Suggested Success Criteria (I can...)

  • Describe the effects of smoking on the body. HWB 1-38a
  • Identify some conditions where someone will need to take medicine and know how this will help them eg Asthma. HWB 1-38a
  • Know and can complete independently some of the basic tasks required to look after my body eg washing my hair. HWB 1-48a
  • Use the correct words for different parts of the body eg penis and vagina. HWB 1-47b This is a sensitive aspect of learning and parents/guardians will need to be informed of this before teaching it.

Suggested Learning Experiences

  • Make a class display of children taking part in healthy activities – lead this into discussion on ways they keep can keep fit and healthy.
  • Discuss what ‘being healthy’ means – what it looks like, feels and sounds like. Children could try to illustrate their ideas.
  • Select images from magazines of what they think ‘being healthy’ looks like and create a wall display – children could write captions explaining their choice of picture.
  • Consider what aspects of smoking can cause changes to the body.
  • Think about the internal changes and discuss.
  • Create a poster showing which changes take place and how to avoid this happening
  • Collaborative learning - Mindmap/list different ways they can keep healthy – personal hygiene, eating a balance of foods, exercise. Consider the effects of poor diet, lack of exercise etc.
  • Interview an adult/older person and ask them how they keep healthy.
  • Mindmap all the different ways to look after your body – select one and create a poster to persuade others about the benefits of looking after themselves and their bodies eg, diet, exercise, personal hygiene.
  • Mindmap all the things that are good or bad for them. How does it make them feel? What might happen to them in the future if they don’t look after their bodies – illustrate what they might look like.
  • Draw round a child. Create a wall display of how to look after different parts of the body eg, skin, brain, bones, teeth, heart, lungs – link to healthy eating – foods to eat/avoid (opportunity to link with childsmile programme -
  • Co-operative learning - put children into same sex groups, ask them to consider what activities only girls or only boys can do. Have a class discussion about their results. Try to persuade other groups to think differently.
  • Consider that the only aspects of difference between a boy and a girl are the genitals. Name them using correct medical terms and give the children the context for using this language both in and out of school.
  • Pledge your support and help create a tobacco-free Scotland