Suggested HWB Experiences & Outcomes

  • As I explore the rights to which I and others are entitled, I am able to exercise these rights appropriately and accept the responsibilities that go with them. I show respect for the rights of others. HWB 0-09a
  • Representing my class, school and/or wider community encourages my self-worth and confidence and allows me to contribute to and participate in society. HWB 0-12a
  • Through contributing my views, time and talents, I play a part in bringing about positive change in my school and wider community. HWB 0-13a

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To begin to recognise own rights, roles and responsibilities at school and at home.
  • To know that they have an important role to play in contributing to the health and wellbeing of their school and wider community.

Suggested Success Criteria (I can...)

  • Give examples of some of my roles, rules and responsibilities at school and at home. HWB 0-09a
  • Contribute to a range of health promoting activities within my school to make it a better place for all. HWB 0-12a / HWB 0-13a

Suggested Learning Experiences

  • Give children opportunity to take on different responsibilities within school/ nursery eg, preparing snack, setting snack table, looking after the school garden, picking litter.
  • Talk about different groups/clubs they might be members of eg, Rainbows, Beavers, sports clubs etc and the kinds of rules, roles and responsibilities that are expected of them.
  • Create posters to tell other children about how to keep healthy; eat healthy; live healthy; look after their environment.
  • Visit and/or describe places set aside in their local community which can support them to be healthy eg, leisure centre, swing park etc and consider how they might use them and encourage others to use them.
  • Take part in different Health Promotion activities/events within their school.
  • Draw, write or talk about the different jobs children do at home to help out eg, washing dishes, helping to look after a younger sibling.
  • Discuss the jobs other people do at home to help and the importance of working as a team.
  • Create a set of rules for nursery/class – this could be linked with Rights Respecting Schools work.
  • Create a ‘responsible citizens’ display area made up of pictures of children carrying out different roles/jobs at school and home.
  • Virtual classroom activities created by HWB team at Alexander Peden