University of Glasgow Research Info for the Healthy Schools Website

This Research will be conducted by an interdisciplinary team at the University of Glasgow. This team comprises experienced educationalists and researchers from the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change (ROC) in the School of Education, and also from the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit.

Research Strand 1 will identify which schools are using the online resources and how the resources are used. This strand will investigate how often they access the resources, how they use them and how useful they find them. This will be a scoping exercise that will allow the research team to identify consistency in practice, areas of greatest activity, innovative use of materials and areas for future development.

Research Strand 2 entails a case study approach to allow deeper investigation regarding “what works” and the impact these resources are having for staff and pupils within the schools.

These two strands will ultimately identify and examine:

  • patterns and trends in the use of Healthy Schools and associated online health materials
  • practice within learning communities in relation to Healthy Schools as well as documenting any intermediate outcomes emerging from the initiative
  • facilitating and inhibiting contextual conditions within learning communities

University of the West of Scotland Research Info for the Healthy Schools Website

Initial research investigations by two PhD students will evaluate the feasibility of the Healthy Schools resource and the impact of this approach to health education upon measures of children’s health and well-being.

The initial phase of the research will examine the feasibility of conducting a cluster randomized control examination of the Health Schools resource that is designed, in part, to improve children’s dietary knowledge and increase physical activity levels.

To address this goal we have a number of aims:

  • To assess the feasibility of recruiting and retaining children to the study
  • To examine the feasibility of collecting data from study participants
  • Identify effective way to engage with parents to collect data from them on family health and wellbeing
  • Undertake interviews to evaluate the use of the resource by teachers to identify factors that may require refinements prior to a larger study

Findings from the first phase of the research are expected to be available summer 2017.