Watch a Video Introduction to Healthy Schools

What is Healthy Schools?

Healthy Schools is a framework to guide the teaching and planning, tracking & monitoring and evaluation of Health and Wellbeing education throughout the school year. It supports co-ordination across the school and progression throughout the learner journey from Nursery though to Primary 7. It doesn’t tell teachers what to teach but gives them options from suggested activities, external resources, web links to additional information and links to relevant physical resources & materials from NHS Lanarkshire resource Library. It is not about getting teachers to do anything extra. So they can use any combination of these materials alongside or instead of their own existing teaching resources.

How does it do that?

It brings together all of the Health & Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes into groups and aligns them with the wellbeing indicators. The year planners are the key to understanding how the resource works. A child’s journey can be followed over a school year through the Health and wellbeing topics of Food and Health, Physical education, Physical Activity and Sport (PEPAS) and Healthy Lifestyles containing:

  • Mental, social, emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Planning for choices and changes
  • Relationships, sexual health and parenthood
  • Substance misuse

Healthy Schools Plus

Parental engagement focuses on ways in which parents and carers, families and professionals work together to support children’s learning. Healthy Schools Plus aims to help schools involve parents and carers by enabling ongoing, two-way communications between home and school and connects them together in an active way to support holistic HWB education within a community context with the child at the centre.