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Healthy Schools

What is The Healthy Schools Framework?

The Healthy Schools framework provides a guide for teaching, planning, tracking & monitoring and the evaluation of Health and Wellbeing in schools and educational establishments. This supports coordination and progression throughout the learner journey from Nursery to Senior Phase. This framework supports practitioners to meet learner needs through cocreation, suggested activities, external resources, web links to additional information and links to relevant physical resources & materials from NHS Lanarkshire Resource Library. The aim of Healthy Schools is to provide a flexible, adaptable framework of materials which complement existing resources. It builds on prior learning, knowledge and understanding to support practitioners plan and deliver Health & Wellbeing in conjunction with their learners.

It brings together a Curriculum for Excellence Health & Wellbeing Experiences, Outcomes and Benchmarks at each Level aligned to the Wellbeing Indicators. Read an evaluation of Healthy Schools by the Robert Owen Centre for Education Change, University of Glasgow.

Early, First and Second levels

Year Planners are key to understanding the framework across these three levels that form nursery and primary sections. This is a general guide as these levels are designed to be flexible.

Early Level: Age 3 to Primary 1
First Level: Primary 2, 3, 4
Second Level: Primary 5, 6, 7
The learner’s journey can be followed across the Health & Wellbeing topics of: Food & Health, Physical Education, Physical Activity & Sport (PEPAS) and Healthy Lifestyles. Healthy Lifestyles contains:

  • Mental, Emotional, Social & Physical wellbeing (MESP)
  • Planning for Choices & Change
  • Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood (RSHP)
  • Substance misuse

Third and Fourth Levels

Third and Fourth Levels provide a support framework for Personal and Social Education (PSE) in secondary schools to be co-designed with learners. Suggested Health & Wellbeing Experiences, Outcomes and Benchmarks, UNCRC articles along with supporting information and resources cover a range of topics within:

  • Mental, Emotional, Social & Physical wellbeing (MESP)
  • Planning for Choices & Change
  • Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood (RSHP)
  • Substance misuse

Senior Phase

The frameworks suggested in this section are designed to augment current Senior Phase HWB PSE provision and support codesign with learners to meet their needs. Currently there are seven Real Life (IRL) topics:

  • Using the NHS
  • Leaving Home
  • Volunteering
  • Relationships
  • Breastfeeding
  • Vaping/E Cigarettes
  • Personal Finance/Money

Each topic is designed to be flexible to ensure support for individual or group study, exploration and learning around each aspect over several weeks/lessons. There are suggested links with prior learning and areas such as UNCRC Articles. Learners are guided through each topic with reflective questions to support them view information through a critical lens to discover and produce an action plan that best supports their current and future needs.

Additional support needs (ASN)

The layout of this section provides information within the following contexts rather than by levels. Practitioners can review the content within each of these contexts:

  • Food & Health
  • Physical Education, Physical Activity & Sport (PEPAS)
  • Mental, Emotional, Social & Physical wellbeing (MESP)
  • Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood (RSHP)
  • Planning for Choices & Change
  • Substance Misuse.

Information and content examples have been designed by those working in this sector. We will continue to update and develop this section of the website.

Healthy Schools Partnerships

This section covers:

  • Parental & Community Engagement – partnerships, partnership engagement guide, home-school link letters
  • Additional HWB support – cocreation with learners, mapping template, tracking overview, tracking template
  • Collaborative learning & CLPL – training, Healthy Schools research, case studies

Health Enhancing School Environment

This section covers:

  • How healthy is our school?
  • Whole school projects – such as healthy eating, active travel, realistic medicine

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